The original since 1975: The BMW 3 Series is the embodiment of a sporty sedan. In its sixth generation, this irresistible combination of dynamic design, unrivalled agility and excellent everyday practicality is as impressive as ever. Optimum weight distribution, classic rear-wheel drive and powerful, high-efficiency petrol and diesel engines with BMW

EfficientDynamics technology guarantee outstanding dynamics and low fuel consumption.

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Starting from RM 205,800.00
CO2 emission in g/km (318i) 119
Combined consumption in l/100 km (318i) 5.8
Top speed in km/h (318i) 210
Acceleration 0–100 km/h in s (318i) 8.9



Extra-dynamic with the Sport Line. Exclusive and elegant with the Luxury Line. Or extremely athletic with the M Sport package. Each BMW Line helps the BMW 3 Series Sedan to demonstrate its unmistakable character.


The latest injection technology, fully variable valve control performance control and latest-generation turbochargers: All petrol and power plants from the BMW EfficientDynamics engine family offer impressive strength – and astonishingly low fuel consumption and emissions. BMW 330e* Sedan – featuring the first plug-in hybrid in a BMW 3 Series.


The BMW 3 Series Sedan offers dynamics in many different facets. The M Sport Suspension or variable sport steering guarantee the utmost agility, providing you with maximum handling and precision even during sporty driving. BMW TwinPower Turbo engines and the 8-speed Steptronic Sport transmission ensure outstanding driving pleasure. These and other BMW EfficientDynamics technologies enable impressive performance and, at the same time, help to reduce fuel consumption.


The combination of electric motor and BMW TwinPower Turbo combines the best of two worlds in an exceptionally dynamic and comfortable sedan: the BMW 330e. Majestic meets innovative and then combines with the sportiness and elegance of a BMW 3 Series. Impressive driving dynamics coupled with the utmost efficiency and eco-friendliness thanks to local emissions-free driving – a unique concept that is perfectly tailored to the qualities of the BMW 3 Series Sedan.


The utmost comfort is what you’ve come to expect in the BMW 3 Series Sedan. With Services & Apps from BMW ConnectedDrive, you can further increase the feel-good factor. For example, the vehicle can be transformed into your very own mobile office. Everything the internet has to offer is directly accessible in your BMW 3 Series Sedan. For example, you’ll never be surprised by an unexpected traffic jam. And even if you do, rapid support is at hand automatically.


The more you can focus on driving, the greater the pleasure you enjoy. Which is why the BMW 3 Series Sedan relieves you of a lot of tasks. The Navigation system Professional ensures that you will have no unpleasant surprises, even in unfamiliar surroundings.


The BMW 3 Series offers all you need to simply sit back and relax. The spacious interior with plenty of storage possibilities turn every journey into a wonderfully comfortable experience. The flexible luggage compartment ensures outstanding functionality. And the ingenious occupant protection guarantees peace of mind in all seats.